Vaša košarica je prazna.

Vaša košarica je prazna.

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Blog - Tomaz Kavcic Chef - Kocbek

Chef Tomaž Kavčič

Tomaž Kavčič‘s dishes know flavors, aromas, textures and combinations. The master of culinary creation uses techniques, effects and stories that involve all the senses of our experience. He appreciates domestic, local and supports Slovenian stories.

Tomaž also supports the story of the Kocbek oil mill, as he recognized our passion, tradition and effort with which our family has been engaged since 1929.

Blog - Chef Tomaz Kavcic - Kocbek oil mill

The chef is also aware that family is very important, and he also found inspiration for his cooking in the dishes of his mother and grandmother. Gostila Lojze is based on a long tradition and was first mentioned in 1897. Each generation has added something unique and meaningful to their dishes. With all the harmonious and sophisticated tastes of the Vipava Valley, the soul is felt in the dishes, with which they still prepare meals today.

Tomaž Kavčič danes slovi kot pesnik okusov, tehnologij kuhanja in vrhunskih sestavin. Ljubi Vipavsko dolino, ki jo ponosno pokaže vsakemu – na krožniku. Ni je jedi v tej gostilni, ki ne bi trkala na bogato lokalno tradicijo. Vsaka jed nastane najprej v njegovi glavi, nato jo drzno preizkusi še na kuhinjskem terenu.  

“My style is actually simple: sticking to the basic ingredients and their elemental flavors, respecting tradition, being aware of where I’m from. The biggest challenge is to maintain consistency so that each guest always gets what they came for. This goal has become the guide of everyone in our restaurant and also the way of life of the culinary team ”

(Tomaž Kavčič for Vivi – school for tastes)

Blog - Tomaz Kavcic - Kocbek Oil milll

Tomaž with a Kócbek pipette while preparing a dish where he applied pumpkin oil drop by drop.

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Kocbek bio štajersko prekmursko bučno olje 250ml

Product from the tip:

Bio štajersko prekmursko pumpkin seed oil

Organically grown pumpkin seeds in the process of hot-pressing provide an authentic taste of this oil, which comes from where the pumpkins feel best.

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Alojz and Antonija passed on their knowledge and experience to their son Anton, who in turn passed it on to his son Gorazd, who today represents the third generation in the KOCBEK family. Gorazd wants to continue the tradition of his grandfather and father and thus maintain a good name and top quality.


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