Importance of Fats

Pomen maščob - Oljarna Kocbek

And that they have a negative effect on dieting and sporting achievements. In the last few years, the media helped to establish a more realistic view on fats, but the awareness of an average consumer is still far from perfect. Fats give energy to our bodies, since they have high calorific value (9kcal/gram)....

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Oil Therapy

Oljna terapija

Today more and more people use oil therapy. Thus far, no side effects or contradictions have been noticed. We also recommend this treatment to all who believe they are completely healthy, since it continuously eliminates toxins from the body. This is extremely important, since these days we are consuming industrially impoverished, inferior, ecologically polluted food and inhaling harmful air, full of...

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What is the difference between Hot- and Cold-Pressing?

Razlika med hladnim in toplim stiskanjem?

Hot-pressing (the traditional process) mechanically and thermally alters the seeds. First the rolling mill crushes them, then they are mixed with water in the blender (water prevents the seeds from being burned during roasting, which enables production of 100% pure oil), roasted in pans at 100°C-110°C and finally pressed in the press. This leaves us with oil with a characteristic dark...

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