Oil Therapy

Oil Therapy

Today more and more people use oil therapy. Thus far, no side effects or contradictions have been noticed. We also recommend this treatment to all who believe they are completely healthy, since it continuously eliminates toxins from the body. This is extremely important, since these days we are consuming industrially impoverished, inferior, ecologically polluted food and inhaling harmful air, full of toxins, in large cities and at industrial locations.

How does oil therapy take place?

In the words of doctor Karach, the most important thing in oil therapy is that it is simple. Before breakfast, on an empty stomach, we put one spoonful of this oil in our mouth, but we do not swallow it, we rather gargle it and rinse our teeth. We exercise our jaw and chin in such a way for 20 minutes, in order to produce a lot of saliva, since we are essentially performing mouth digestion. The oil becomes viscous, then a bit more runny and yellow or white, and sometimes also fibrous. The colour of the secretion depends on the method of oil production (home-made, refined). After 20 minutes we spit the oil out. Afterwards, we wash out our oral cavity with water several times and brush our teeth with toothpaste. We also clean the sink, since the secretion includes a lot of bacteria and other disease-causing agents and harmful substances. After the morning oil therapy, the mouth and the entire oral cavity feels perfectly clean and saliva flowing in our mouth is like pure water. This way we start the day in a beneficial and pleasant fashion and head to work or elsewhere without any bad breath complex.

Before you switch to coffee after therapy, we suggest you first drink a glass of water with one spoonful of cider vinegar, slowly, in sips.

How does oil therapy work and what is in the oil?

Oil therapy is all about mouth digestion. When we gargle the oil in our mouth, we gather a lot of saliva and in turn toxins are sucked out of the blood system through the oral mucosa. This is why we must never swallow such oil, as it is now toxic. If we were to examine a single drop of this liquid under the microscope, we would find a great number of micro-organisms. Some are indispensable, because they trigger chemical alterations for digesting and processing food, while others are pathogenic and cause disease.

When we hold the oil in our mouth during therapy, the following happens: when we are hungry, all bacteria gathers in the stomach and waits for food. That annoying feeling in our stomachs when we are hungry is the bacteria demanding food. And because there is no food, but oil, which we do not swallow, they come to the mouth and trigger the digestion of food – oil, there. After 20 minutes of rinsing our mouth with the oil, when a great amount of acid (bacteria) has gathered, we spit it out. And thus we eliminate the bacteria. The micro-organisms required for further digestion are immediately reprogrammed by our personal computer, the brain (and produced by the body), so that we are also refreshing the brain.
This refreshment immediately reveals itself: we regain a healthy appetite; we once again sleep well and also remember more. Just to mention: a healthy appetite means that we eat as much as the body demands us to, so that the thin gain their optimal weight and the overweight slowly diet to their final and stable weight. We recommend those who believe they are overweight to drink a glass of water with cider vinegar after each meal.

One of the most visible effects of oil therapy is stabilisation of loose teeth, they begin to regain their whiteness, and bleedings also stop. We rinse for 20 minutes, because it takes 17 minutes for all of our blood to flow through the thyroid. This is important, since the thyroid and other glands in our bodies act as filters. The cells that form the thyroid attract iodine, so during those 17 minutes its iodine-rich discharge destroys pathogenic microbes, which have entered our blood stream due to some skin damage, cuts or through the nasal mucosa, through the throat or from the digestive systems via absorbed food. Strong viral germs are weakened each time they pass through the thyroid. After each 17 minutes the bacteria become weaker until finally, they disappear. This occurs only when the thyroid has enough iodine. If not, it is unable to destroy the harmful micro-organisms in the blood stream, as mother nature intended.

All of this shows us what oil therapy is capable of doing, how well the thyroid feels, when it does not have to work at full power, since these bacteria, which the thyroid has to destroy slowly, are simply collected in the mouth and spat out. In doing so, we relieve the thyroid to perform its other tasks, the most important of which is restoring our energy for everyday action. The thyroid and our energy level are closely connected, meaning that our energy depends on the thyroid functioning properly. This is why oil therapy rapidly recovers our psychophysical strength, relieves the thyroid and refreshes the brain.

On the other hand, oil therapy releases healing oil compounds into the saliva, which the blood absorbs directly through the mucosa. What does our blood absorb from sunflower seed oil? Sunflower seed oil is a treasure chest of vitamins and minerals, the most important ones being: vitamins B, B1, B2 and E, minerals phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, plenty of unsaturated acids, carotenoids and lecithin. This simple oil therapy only helps the body, while all other treatment is performed by the human organism on its own. It heals cells, tissues and internal organs at once. It prevents the destruction of a healthy micro-flora and with it its own decay. Our balance is no longer endangered, various diseases can no longer occur, we live longer and better.

What is completely eliminated with oil therapy?

The metabolism is stimulated, which is a prerequisite for health. We eliminate headaches, bronchitis, toothaches, thrombosis, chronic blood diseases, arthrosis, paralysis, eczema, stomach ulcers, intestinal diseases, heart and kidney disorders, encephalitis and women’s diseases. Oil therapy also cures all chronic diseases, nerve disorders, stomach, lung and liver pain, widespread epidemic sleeping sickness, as well as diseases caused by the administration of toxic chemical agents. Doctor Karach says that his method is therapeutic for the entire body at the same time and also has a preventive effect: this is particularly important in life-threatening formations and infarction situations. In regard of the stage of their disease, cancer patients and AIDS patients definitely require hope that they will also benefit from oil therapy supplemented by daily medicine, fasting, macrobiotic food, and with a special emphasis on the consumption of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemons, yeast, fish oil, sprouts (especially soy), magnesium chloride and a positive orientation. Our current thoughts are a transformation of the energy from our future.

Let’s bring back the memory of how vitamins in sunflower oil work against various diseases.

Vitamin E: liver, skin, hair, growth disorders, infertility, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, disorder in menopause, rheumatic diseases, cancerous tumours.

Vitamins B, B1, B2: muscles, disorders of the nervous system, in bloodstream during pregnancy, lack of appetite, metabolic disorders, restlessness, poor concentration, fatigue, mucositis, skin or eye damage, disorders of the vegetative nervous system.

Vitamin D: rickets, softening of bones, muscle cramps , teeth.

Phosphorus: helps the body absorb vitamins, distributes calcium in the body, stimulates the bone marrow in restoring red blood granules, in rickets and in softening of bones, stimulates healing of fractures.

Potassium: strengthens the defence of the body, treats the affected parts, strengthens connective muscle fibres.

Lecithin: helps to promote metabolism in all the cells of the body, promotes memory and strength of spirit, when it nourishes the brain and the nervous system, increases resistance to damage. Lecithin restores your power in case of mental exhaustion and lack of energy. Our eastern grandparents have known for hundreds of years that lecithin in certain food increases strength and endurance, speed and agility, youthfulness and vitality.

Magnesium: its lack of increases risk for cardiovascular disease and imbalance of stomach acid.

The question, how long does one need to continue with oil therapy, should be answered by the one who asks it. Even as we feel we have eliminated a disease, let us not give up. It is our priceless, yet simple and reasonably inexpensive advantage and a source of help, if we are able to provide our bodies with extremely important vitamins and minerals, which we do not get in our everyday diets, while at the same time removing toxins.

We also recommend oil therapy after strenuous labour, when our backbone, our feet or arms are aching. After we are done and before we start eating, we gargle sunflower seed oil in our mouth. In an hour, all acute pains will vanish and we will feel as if we were not working hard at all.

Cold-pressed sunflower seed oil may also be used in another form. After each therapy, when we have cleaned the oral cavity, we swallow one spoonful of this oil, in order to replenish the body with vitamins and minerals. The oil is naturally also recommended for preparing salads, marinades and other cold dishes. When preparing heat-processed food (braising, roasting), the oil is added in the final stage, as seasoning or a caloric addition.