Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil

Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil


Walnut Oil – extraordinary flavour and a source of beneficial ingredients.
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Walnut oil is also highly valued in the field of natural medicine, since it helps to balance your bodyweight, cleans your blood, lowers fat and cholesterol levels, inhibits the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, is anti-inflammatory, has beneficial effects on the skin, and is excellent in nourishing and restoring dry and damaged hair and skin. We initially apply the oil to the palm of our hands and never directly to the skin, then we rub it in the desired spot. If we use it regularly for at least a month, we clean the subcutaneous tissue and restore all three layers of skin, which is completely restored, soft and moist. When restoring damaged hair, we rub it in the scalp and along the entire length of the hair. We then let it work its magic for a couple of hours or through the night, in order to get maximum results.

Walnut oil is to be stored in a dark, cool and dry place.

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