Gift set - Pomurje passion


Gift set – Pomurje passion




The new gift set that will leave the seal of Pomurje on your taste buds!

The story of the new gift set, in this combination, refers to the know-how and tradition of the Rajh Restaurant, which is famous for its local specialties of Prekmurje since 1969. We have mixed butter into the pumpkin seed oil, which you can use for cooking in many different ways. We have also added roasted pumpkin seeds to give the finishing touch to the taste that is not lacking in Pomurje!

Content of the gift set:

  • Štajersko prekmursko pumpkin seed oil 250 ml,
  • Butter with pumpkin seed oil
  • Roasted salty pumpkin seeds in a jar 145g

Additional information

Weight 1300 g