Egg-Spaetzle (Pasta)

Jajčni vlivanci

Roast Carniolan sausages in pumpkin seed oil and set them away for a while. Afterwards roast leek in pumpkin seed oil, add spaetzle and cream and mix. Finally add the rings of Carniolan sausage and mix. Place the dish into a heated plate and sprinkle with pumpkin seed oil. Can also be served as finger food....

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Buckwheat Porridge

Ajdova kaša

Lightly heat up pumpkin seed oil, add pumpkins and pumpkin seeds and roast until golden brown. Cool roasted pumpkins and seeds. Add parsley and sour cream to buckwheat porridge. Then add chilled pumpkins and pumpkin seeds and mix. Place a round mould on the plate and fill it with the prepared dish. Shape the dish in the mould and sprinkle parsley...

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Smoked Trout

Dimljena postrv - Oljarna Kocbek - Bučna olja Kocbek

Add red onion, parsley, salt and freshly ground black pepper to potatoes. Add vinegar and pumpkin seed oil and mix. Divide the prepared potato salad into wooden containers. Clean smoked trout fillets. Cut smoked trout fillets into slices and decorate with onion rings. Finally pour some pumpkin seed oil over the dish....

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