Vaša košarica je prazna.

Vaša košarica je prazna.


Bio cold pressed pumpkin seed oil

Bio cold pressed pumpkin seed oil


Ingredients: 100 % Bio cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.

Organically grown pumpkin seeds in the process of cold pressing bet on tenderness, so this oil is pure poetry of mild taste and its rich ingredients.

The activity of organic processing and sales is controlled by IKC UM.


BIO cold pressed pumpkin seed oil KOCBEK is made from selected and refined pumpkin seeds of the highest quality . There is no seed treatment in the cold pressing process. The seeds are not ground, heated or roasted, but the oil is squeezed out of the whole seeds. The oil is therefore slightly lighter – greenish-red in color, with a very delicate smell and a taste similar to that of raw pumpkin seeds.


In cold processing, the yield is much lower, as this processing method requires at least 6 kilograms of pumpkin seeds to make a liter of cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.


The oil retains all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) contained in the seeds due to the cold pressing process.

Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is rich in tocopherols, as it contains about 50mg of vitamin E per 100g of oil.*

At Kocbek oil mill, we have been using the traditional processing methods that were first introduced in 1929 up to this day. We work closely with local (Slovenian) pumpkin growers and use exclusively pumpkin seeds of Slovenian origin.

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NET QUANTITY: 0,10l, 0,25l,

The activity of organic processing and sales is controlled by IKC UM.

* V skladu z določili iz 1.odstavka 8.člena Uredbe 1924/2006 in njene priloge. ŠPBO je bogat vir tokoferolov, vezanih na vsebnost vitamina E, saj jih izdelek vsebuje v znatni količini, določeni v Prilogi Direktive 90/496/EGS oz določenih z odstopanji, odobrenimi v členu členu 7 Uredbe (ES) št. 1925/2006.

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Weight 515 g

100 ml, 250 ml


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Bio cold pressed pumpkin seed oil

Ingredients: 100 % Bio cold pressed pumpkin seed oil


Average nutritional values per 100 g: Energijska vrednost / Energy 3700 kJ / 900 kcal, Maščobe / Fat 100 g (nasičene maščobe / saturated fat 17 g, enkrat nenasičene maščobe / Monounsaturated fat 40 g, večkrat nenasičene maščobe / Polyunsaturated fat 38 g), Ogljikovi hidrati / Carbohydrates 0 g – od tega sladkorji / of which sugars 0 g, Beljakovine / Proteins 0 g, Sol / Salt 0 g, Vitamin E / Vitamin E 50 mg (417% RI*/ PDV*). *PDV – priporočen dnevni vnos / *RI – Reference Intake.


Quantities vary slightly from season to season.

May contain traces of nuts.


NET QUANTITY: 0,10l, 0,25l,


Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil differs from oil extracted by using a hot pressing process. As a result, cold pressed oil has different characteristics, as it is lighter in color, less viscous and with a light or almost non-existent scent. Its flavor is also very mild, reminiscent of eating raw pumpkin seeds.


Use: Due to its mild flavor, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil can be used in almost all your culinary endeavors. Use it as a dressing, to make pasta sauces, for risotto and various meat courses (cold and hot entrées and mains). It also goes very well with fish courses. It can also be used for desserts, various types of spreads etc.


Storage: Oil must be kept in a dark and cold place.


Country of Origin: Slovenija


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Alojz and Antonija passed on their knowledge and experience to their son Anton, who in turn passed it on to his son Gorazd, who today represents the third generation in the KOCBEK family. Gorazd wants to continue the tradition of his grandfather and father and thus maintain a good name and top quality.


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